Staff Directory

2023-2024 Staff Directory

Photo of David Griffin

Mr. David Griffin


Phone: 403-556-944 xt 470106

Photo of Kali Leatherdale

Mrs. Kali Leatherdale

Assistant Principal, Middle School ELA

Phone: 403-556-9444 xt 470104

Photo of Dana Overwater

Mrs. Dana Overwater

Administrative Assistant

Phone: 4035569444 xt 470103

Photo of Stephanie Feenstra

Mrs. Stephanie Feenstra

Admin Assistant, Educational Assistant

Phone: 403-556-944 xt 470001

placeholder image for Tracy Davis-McMillan

Mrs. Tracy Davis-McMillan

Family School Enhancement Counsellor

Phone: 403-556-9444 xt 470144

Photo of Katie Feeney

Mrs. Katie Feeney

Inclusion lead teacher

Phone: 403-556-944 xt 470118

Photo of Laura Jorgenson

Mrs. Laura Jorgenson

Music, Band Teacher

Phone: 403-556-9444 xt 470157

Photo of Tiffany Faught

Mrs. Tiffany Faught


Phone: 403-556-9444 xt 470149

Photo of Alana Robertson

Mrs. Alana Robertson


Phone: 403-556-9444 xt 470139

Photo of Erin Hansen

Mrs. Erin Hansen

Grade 1H

Phone: 403-556-9444 xt 470151

Photo of Samantha Davis

Miss Samantha Davis

Grade 2D

Phone: 403-556-9444 xt 470148

Photo of Jayme Locke

Mrs. Jayme Locke

Grade 2L

Phone: 403-556-9444 xt 470147

Photo of Gelaine Andrusiak

Mrs. Gelaine Andrusiak

Grade 3A

Phone: 403-556-9444 xt470146

Photo of Pamela Fischer

Mrs. Pamela Fischer

Grade 3F

Phone: 403-556-9444 xt 470171

Photo of Debra Lewis

Mrs. Debra Lewis

Grade 4L

Photo of Miranda Schmitt

Mrs. Miranda Schmitt

Grade 4S

Phone: 403-556-9444 xt 470175

Photo of Devin Simon

Mr. Devin Simon

Grade 5S

Phone: 403-556-9444 xt 470179

Photo of Louise Reeve

Ms. Louise Reeve

Flex Learning

Phone: 403-556-9444 xt 470179

Photo of Kyle Young

Mr. Kyle Young

Grade 6Y

Phone: 403-556-9444 xt 470181

Photo of Joe Faught

Mr. Joe Faught

Middle School

Phone: 403-556-9444 xt 470186

Photo of Monica Andrew

Mrs. Monica Andrew

Grade 7, 8 Math, Counsellor

Phone: 403-556-9444 xt 470117

Photo of Anne Jacobs

Mrs. Anne Jacobs

Learning commons, Educational Assistant

Photo of Anne Tuggle

Mrs. Anne Tuggle

Education Assistant

Photo of Eden Lalani

Mrs. Eden Lalani

Educational Assistant Kindergarten

Photo of Wanda Humphrey

Mrs. Wanda Humphrey

Transliterator Kindergarten

Photo of Yolanda Sharkey

Mrs. Yolanda Sharkey

Educational Assistant

placeholder image for Rena Snell

Mrs. Rena Snell

Educational Assistant

Photo of Kyla Crozier

Mrs. Kyla Crozier

Transliterator Grade 3

Photo of Julie Talbott

Mrs. Julie Talbott

Educational Assistant

Photo of Corrin Schekk

Ms. Corrin Schekk

Educational Assistant

Photo of Michele Pettyjohn

Mrs. Michele Pettyjohn

Educational Assistant