Staff Directory

2022-2023 Staff Directory

Photo of Monica Andrew

Mrs. Monica Andrew

Grade 6, 7, 8 Math, Counsellor

Phone: 403-556-9444 xt 470117

Photo of Tammy Chrusch

Mrs. Tammy Chrusch

Grade 5C

Phone: 403-556-9444 xt 470177

Photo of Wanda Doncaster

Mrs. Wanda Doncaster

Grade 2D

Phone: 403-556-9444 xt 470147

Photo of Tiffany Faught

Mrs. Tiffany Faught


Phone: 403-556-9444 xt 470149

Photo of Joe Faught

Mr. Joe Faught

Grade 6, 7 Social Studies, 8 Science and Phys Ed

Phone: 403-556-9444 xt 470186

Photo of Erin Hansen

Mrs. Erin Hansen

Grade 1H

Phone: 403-556-9444 xt 470151

Photo of Jaylyn Hewitt

Miss Jaylyn Hewitt


Phone: 403-556-9444 xt 470121

Photo of Wanda Humphrey

Mrs. Wanda Humphrey

Educational Assistant

Photo of Laura Jorgenson

Mrs. Laura Jorgenson

Music, Band Teacher

Phone: 403-556-9444 xt 470157

Photo of Pamela Kelley

Ms. Pamela Kelley

Grade 3-A

Phone: 403-556-9444 xt 470173

Photo of Eden Lalani

Mrs. Eden Lalani

Educational Assistant

Phone: 403-556-9444

Photo of Jayme Locke

Mrs. Jayme Locke

Grade 2L

Phone: 403-556-9444 xt 470146

Photo of Jodi Masters

Mrs. Jodi Masters

Assistant Principal, Grade 6, 7, 8 English Language Arts

Phone: 403-556-9444 xt470104

Photo of Valerie Norman

Mrs. Valerie Norman


Phone: 4035569444 xt 470106

Photo of Dana Overwater

Mrs. Dana Overwater

Administrative Assistant

Phone: 4035569444 xt 470103

Photo of Michele Pettyjohn

Mrs. Michele Pettyjohn

Educational Assistant

Photo of Louise Reeve

Ms. Louise Reeve

Flex Learning

Phone: 403-556-9444 xt 470148

Photo of Alana Robertson

Mrs. Alana Robertson

Kindergarten R and PK4R

Phone: 403-556-9444 xt 470139

placeholder image for Cailey Robinson

Ms. Cailey Robinson

Educational Assistant

Photo of Jennifer Sanderson

Miss Jennifer Sanderson

Inclusion Lead Teacher

Phone: 403-556-9444 xt 470118

Photo of Corrin Schekk

Corrin Schekk

Educational Assistant

Photo of Julie Talbott

Mrs. Julie Talbott

Educational Assistant

Photo of Miranda Wall

Miss Miranda Wall

Grade 4W

Phone: 403-556-9444 xt 470175

Photo of Kyle Young

Mr. Kyle Young

Grade 6, 7 Science, Grade 8 Social and PE Specialist

Phone: 403-556-9444 xt 470181